The Syracuse Rose Society is the oldest rose society in continuous existence in the United States affiliated with the American Rose Society. Founded in 1911, the Syracuse Rose Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote, educate and celebrate the world of roses.

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Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer work at the Mill Rose Garden underway (weather permitting) on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. All are welcome!

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Scroll down the page and you'll see our SRS box. If you can, please sign up and volunteer at the Mills Garden!


A YouTube Video by Jay Lurie

We hope you will take the time to watch this YouTube video about the Syracuse Rose Society and the E.M. Mills Rose Garden. Many of our hardworking volunteers are featured in this well-done video by Jay Lurie. It captures the spirit and love the SRS puts into caring for the garden six months out of the year.

Do you have a rose question? Do you need rose info?

We're here to help!

Are you looking for help on planting roses?

Need to know how to maintain your roses?

Look no further! Just click on these links (or contact a SRS Rosarian below):

Seasonal rose care tips

How to prune roses (and other useful links)

Here's a list of Consulting Rosarians who are available to answer your rose related questions.

Baldwinsville: Mary Ann Rink -- 315-652-9145 --

Cicero: Diane Fini - 315-506-5814 -

Cleveland: Darlene Lowell -- 315-741-1985 --

Fayetteville-Manlius: Sue Kamp –315-449-2726

Fayetteville: Jim Wagner -- 315-637-6276 --

Ithaca: Leon Ginenthal -- 607-351-1336 --

Little Falls: Jim Kahler -- 315-823-3878 --

Liverpool: David Stever -- 315-457-4729 --

Liverpool: Debbie Holihan - 315-247-9017 -

Manlius: Joe and Ann Gibson -- 315-682-9688 --

Rome: Ronald Broughton - 315-339-4079 -

Skaneateles: Pat Pohl -- 315-685-0114 --

Syracuse/East: Dorothy White -- 315-445-1381

Syracuse/East: Pam Dooling -- 315-463-0831 --

Syracuse/East: Sonia Kragh - 315-449-2729 -


The Mills Rose Garden is one of the prime locations in Syracuse for outdoor events including summer wedding photos. The Mills Rose Garden was named Best Wedding Photo Spot in the "The Best of Syracuse" Syracuse New Times annual poll.

But did you know a city permit is needed to reserve the park?

Call the Syracuse Department of Parks and Rec to secure a permit at (315) 473-4330.

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